The Cake Box

The layers of a baumkuchenspitzen

The layers of the baumkuchenspitzen at The Cake Box come from the special dunk and cook method of the oven.

I found one of my favorite places in Huntington Beach right away. When I first moved to town, my mother, a friend from LA, and I decided to explore. Considering that bakeries are some of my favorite places, when I saw the sign (it opened up my eyes!!) for The Cake Box, I knew we should pop in.

One strange thing about a lot of fantastic local places in Orange County? Instead of having beautiful facades and detached buildings, many of them have the tiniest little signs and are in, of all places, strip malls. So I turn into this little particular one on the southeast corner of Warner Avenue and Springdale Street and pop in to The Cake Box.

The first thing you notice is that there is a strange looking, incredibly tall cake in the window. That, my friends, is the specialty of The Cake Box – a baumkuchen. You heard me and, no, I did not sneeze. This amazing cake is built layer-by-layer on a spit in an oven designed especially for this purpose. There are only a small number of these bad boys in the United States – it is so unique, and The Cake Box is so unique, that the LA Times wrote a story about it! Now this cake has a nutty, rich taste and a pound cake-like texture. You can get it with a delicious sugary glaze or dipped in chocolate. You can special order REALLY tall ones. You can buy shorter ones. You can even buy baumkuchenspitzen, little pieces of the cake dipped in chocolate, one of which is pictured above.

While the baumkuchen is unique, the whole of this bakery is special. Baker/Owner Paul Gauweiler is a European Master Baker who trained in Germany and is still there every morning I stop in, baking everything in the cases. After the baumkuchen, I’d go straight for the breakfast pastries, which are beyond delicious and only $1.25 a pop for myriad flavors of danishes, turnovers, and more. Then I would get the chocolate dipped crescent sandwich cookies. They are heaven. Oh, and the petit fours will impress even your most discerning grandma.

I feel that it is important to support small, local places like this one, that are hand-making top-notch goods. So stop in to The Cake Box, 6054 Warner Avenue, Huntington Beach, RIGHT NOW!